I’ve got something to tell you

Here we are... In this weird path. I know we must be strong and walk it together. I just... I mean... I dont know... I wish... I've got something to tell you...

Dancer: Marina Fabila

Music by Piazzolla. Performed by Slava Grigoryan

Poema 15 (Excerpt)

Contemporary Ballet work. One poem, three couples, three stages of a relationship. A tribute to that stranger called love. An homage to the greatest Latin-American poet Pablo Neruda.
Choreography by Yesid Lopez
Performed by DeMa Dance Company
Music by Luis Bacalov and Carlos Gardel

Untitled (Excerpt)

Struggles, doubts and fear. We live in a world that doesn’t let us breathe freely. We are all children of the same universe and love it is true language.

Music by Petra Magoni

This Little Thing Called Love

What would we do without that beautiful stranger that tenaciously sneaks in our existence.

We let it in. And most of the time it never leaves.

Music by Petra Magoni & Ferruccio Spinetti

Thirst of Ruin (Excerpt)

I leave this one to your own interpretation.

Music by Vitamin String Quartet

Bolero Stravaganza (Excerpt)

An extrospection of Picasso's art work 'Guernica' and its conception of war and humanity.

Music by Ravel performed by The Swingle Singers & The Swingle Singers, Shlomo & The Vocal Orchestra

Amor Porteño

Contemporary duet, a casual story between two strangers in a city.

Choreographed by Yesid Lopez & Karina Lesko for “Ties” by Naganuma Dance

Concept by Darcy Naganuma.


Music by Gotan Project


A contemporary ballet duet that explores the journey in any relationship.

Performed by Eila Valls www.eilavalls.com & Yesid Lopez.

Music by Ludwig van Beethoven